Pavarotti & Barbecue

"Sometimes when not much is going on around town or the state, I often resort to gleaning the news sources, in search of...well, something. And sometimes 'something' plops right into your lap.

Paul Long is known for his barbecue. He has his own restaurant in Lillington where he slow-cooks whole pigs for eight hours, and anoints them with a sauce of vinegar, salt, pepper, and spices (the way the creator intended, without sugar and tomatoes. It's known as "Eastern Carolina" style).

Luciano Pavarotti is world famous for singing opera. He has probably the purest and most powerful tenor voice of anyone alive. I am one of his biggest fans. Well, Signore Pavarotti will sing at a concert in Raleigh this weekend, and there'll be a fund-raising dinner. Pavarotti will be served a silver bowl full of Long's barbecue. Seems Pavarotti loves barbecue!

Meaning no disrespect (remember I'm one of his biggest fans), it's obvious that Signore Pavarotti is not in the habit of leaving food on his plate. Or, in the bowl, for that matter. But, if he loves North Carolina barbecue, he's got good taste."