Voting Choices

"Well, the election in Iraq is now official, and surprise, surprise, Saddam Hussein won with 100% of the vote. That's up from 99.9% last time. Elections in countries ruled by despots seldom have an unpredictable outcome.

To begin with, there were only two choices on the ballot, 'yes' or 'no' for another seven years of Saddam Hussein calling all the shots. Note, too, that voting in Iraq is not exactly by secret ballot. Most voters had to make their 'x's' in plain view of the poll worker, a government functionary and employee of Saddam Hussein. Can you imagine anyone brave enough to actually vote 'no'? The turnout was close to 100% too.

We, on the other hand, have a herd of candidates to choose among, from two or three political parties often with widely differing platforms and agendas. We actually have a choice, but so few of us exercise it, that our turnouts usually can only be described as 'dismally low.' What a shame. Meaningful voting is our cherished right, use it November 5th."