Peanut Butter Sandwiches

"Some stories, seemingly unimportant, are just too good to wind up in the newsroom trashcan without giving the public benefit of knowing about them.

One such is: top army scientists are hard at work on a sticky problem, how to make a peanut butter sandwich that will remain edible, without refrigeration, sealed in a plastic bag, for three years!

PB&J sandwiches are the most demanded by troops. But peanut butter has proven too unstable to last three years under battlefield conditions. They say they can keep PB&J sandwiches from molding and getting icky, but not without killing its 'stick to the roof of your mouth' qualities, and they say that's something no soldier under fire should have to miss.

Well, Spam didn't stick to the roof of one's mouth, but it, along with the Jeep, is credited with winning World War II. It's something of a comfort to know, though, that the Army, along with its monstrous weapons and battle plans, is concerned about peanut butter."