Following Rules

"Seeking to avoid expenses for parents to buy uniforms for their school-age children, the New Hanover County Board of Education opted instead for a dress code. Not all that strict, just no visible belly buttons, no short shorts, no underwear showing, and the like.

Also, to enhance campus security it was deigned that students would wear ID cards (like military 'dog tags'). It was expected that some students would resist or forget, so the board put a little bite in it, more like a nibble, really, by setting fines for non-compliance. But, after six strikes, it's expulsion.

Some parents have rebelled. One mother says her son simply forgets his ID card. Well, he doesn't forget his pants, and wearing them in this climate is simply a social rule, not a necessity.

Another mom says there's nothing wrong with her daughter's outfit that shows a sliver of midriff. Well, there's one thing wrong with it: it's against the rules! We can't have such regulation decided by popular vote among parents, that'd be chaos. So, we elect a board to make those decisions for us.

Rules. They're what we live by. Mom."