Election Results

"It's over, including the shouting. And that's the part I think most of us will miss least. I'm talking about the off-year elections. But, this time it turned out to be anything but 'off'. Usually, a president loses clout in congress in mid-term elections, but that didn't happen this time. In fact, he gained legislative leverage. This round of voting legitimized George W. Bush's election in 2000, a victory many people say was 'given' to him by a somewhat less than impartial supreme court.

Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge, so i say, 'let's get on with it!'

This country has a lot on its plate: there are the economic issues, what to do about Saddam Hussein, the war on terrorism, and so on. Nobody expects either side to simply give in, there will continue to be differences of opinion on Capitol Hill. Even hot air. But factionalism merely to satisfy party ideology and pure whim, must be recognized for what it is: a waste of this country's national time and energy.

As for all those ill-tempered negative ads: good riddance. At least for a year or so."