North Carolina Railroads

"In the news: North Carolina continues moving ahead with work on a high-speed rail corridor. That's nice, for Charlotte. The service would connect the Queen City and Washington, D.C.

Isn't that the way it is, 'them that has, gets.' It's a fact that stares us folks here in the eastern part of the state in the face: there is no passenger rail service east of Interstate 95.

There has been some talk about initiating a state-operated passenger service between Wilmington and Charlotte, and maybe to Raleigh as well. So far, just talk.

There's been discourse among Wilmington leaders about an inter-modal transportation center. So far, just bickering. Without passenger train service, such a center basically is useless anyway. Parking is already fightin' precious in downtown Wilmington; besides, why would you drive downtown and ride a shuttle to the airport, when you could just go to the airport?

Wilmington has a long association with railroads. It once was headquarters to what is now one of the largest railroads in the country. And, with two-hour pre-flight arrival times at airports these days, taking a train instead might be just as fast for short hauls. But, it will take more than talk to get it back."