Alternate Energy

"A new study says none of the known alternate energy sources are technically ready to replace fossil fuels, fossil fuels being oil and its derivatives and coal and its derivatives. Windmills have been around for centuries of course, but they work well only where you have strong, dependable wind; not a big selling point in real estate.

The report, from a panel of scientists and engineers, warns crash energy development is needed to avoid the threat of global warming (and there is ample evidence global warming, whether it turns out to be temporary or permanent, is happening.) They say clean, renewable energy sources must be developed in this century or the world will face a climate disaster, like 'desertification' turning now green areas, into deserts.

'But,' you hear people ask, 'shouldn't that probably happen only near the equator where it's already hot?' Well, look at the situation now. True, it's hot along the equator, but it's soaking wet, most of the world's rainfall falls there, and it would be the last place to begin to dry up. In fact, all the world's largest deserts (including our own in the Southwest) are about the same distance either above or below the equator as, the Carolinas."