Stricter rules for infrastructure in Brunswick Co.

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Posted by Debra Worley - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Brunswick County wants developers to put up the cash before they start putting up homes.

There are some new rules in place so taxpayers and residents don't have to pick up the tab for unfinished projects.

Monday, county commissioners set stricter rules for developers of up and coming communities.

"If a developer decides to sell lots before the infrastructure is complete, then there must be guarantees that the infrastructure be completed," said county attorney Huey Marshall.

If a developer does bail out of a project, residents may have to pay for the unfinished business.  Officials see the new rule as a line of protection for taxpayers.

An infrastructure includes: roads, curbs, and water and sewer supply.

While Marshall wouldn't get into details, Seawatch (near Southport) is going to court.

"The guarantee agreements have matured and some of the infrastructure is not complete," said Marshall.

Local homebuilder, Mark Johnson, believes Brunswick County is doing the right thing.

"If I'm a homeowner, I want my amenities packages done and I want the guarantee they are going to be done - just like I give guarantees to my clients for warranties and everything," said Johnson.  "It seems to certainly make sense."

County officials say they hope these matters can be concluded as quickly as possible.

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