Wilmington City Council votes for voluntary annexation

Posted by Debra Worley - email
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington City Council voted unanimously in favor of a voluntary annexation of more than 1,300 acres along River Road.

"It allows us to develop this land under city standards," said Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo. "Standards that our citizens have said over and over again should be stricter, should be tougher, should be better."

Developer, Newland Communities, petitioned the city to be annexed in so that it could follow city guidelines for streets and trees. This will allow them to build narrower roads and plant trees closer to them.

Newland says being part of the city will allow them to make the project more environmentally friendly as well, but Jonathan Deputy, who lives near the development, is not convinced.

"They want to create developable land along the river and fatten their bottom line and they don't care that it's having a negative impact on hundreds of families in my neighborhood," said Deputy.

He also says the addition of 2,200 homes will create too much traffic in the existing neighborhoods and that the expansion of River Road to four lanes will be unsafe.

Wilmington leaders say they will make sure that the development is done slowly and that it will be a success.

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