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Law enforcement to aggressively fine for seatbelt violations

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - People gathered on Royal Oaks Road in Brunswick County Friday to remember two high school students who recently died in car accidents.

Both students were in the backseat and neither were wearing seatbelts.

"It's a reality check, it's just terrible I miss him a lot," said Kara Lewis and Gabby McClanahan.

Administrators at West Brunswick High School said the tragedies are affecting everyone.

"It has hit West Brunswick and in the community of West Brunswick very hard," said Vice Principal Brock Ahrens.  "The students had a chance to meet one on one with counselors."

School administrators stress to their students to wear their seatbelts.

"Every time anybody gets in my car now I look over at them and if they don't have their seatbelt on before I crank up the car I say put your seatbelt on, put your seatbelt on," said a West Brunswick student.

District Attorney Rex Gore says there have been far too many fatal accidents lately, and many of those who died were not buckled up.

"Be they teenagers or be they adults - I look at the seatbelt uses and the deaths that have happened recently and how many of those folks would still be alive today if they had just taken the time to buckle up," said Gore.

Gore is teaming up with law enforcement to try to increase seatbelt use by increasing fines for repeat offenders.

"You've got high risk events coming up and we need to capitalize on that as we talk to our teenagers and to their mothers and their fathers who have to set the example," said Gore.  "There have been so many deaths, that folks seem ready to pay attention to it and now is a good time to do that again because right now we're so close to a really high point a point where statistically you are going to see more deaths among young drivers."

Gore will be working with law enforcement in Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus Counties to aggressively fine people who are not wearing their seatbelts.

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