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Woman with speeding ticket transported with accused rapist

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A Wilmington woman claims Brian Reavis tormented her while they rode in a law enforcement transport van.

Reavis is facing charges of rape, kidnapping, and common-law robbery after attacking a 95-year-old woman in April 2008.

"The ride felt like an eternity from the court house to jail," said Diane Marquez.

Marquez was sent to jail for a minor crime - charged with failure to appear after receiving a speeding ticket, and was placed under an $100 bond.

Shortly after, she was put in a New Hanover County Sheriff's Office van to be transported to the jail.  That is when she first saw 42-year-old Reavis.

Marquez said she became hysterical and terrified when she came face to face with Reavis.  She said Reavis started to mock her.

Marquez said she was separated from Reavis by a metal cage, but was verbally tormented.  She doesn't understand why she was transported in the same van as a violent criminal.

"Here is somebody who has never done anything wrong, I'm talking a $100 bail, and I'm here with a guy with a $1 million bail and they threw me in the van with him," said Marquez.  "I got to the jail hysterical and I actually fainted."

WECT asked the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office their policy on transporting people to jail and responded with a written response.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office transports individuals who are in the custody of the Sheriff with their safety as a priority. Transportation vehicles are equipped for the separation of males and females. At no time are males and females transported in the same-cell compartment. Consideration is given to single inmate transportation based on flight risk.

Marquez argues that the vehicle may have physically separated them, but that she was still exposed to a devastating experience all for a speeding ticket.  She said she missed her court date because she couldn't get off work.

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