Reducing the number of sport games in Brunswick County

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - High school sporting events are the only games in town for many spectators in Brunswick County, but as the school system is looking for ways to save money, several games could be on the chopping block.

"We came up with a proposal," said athletic director Les Tubb.  "Instead of going through 23 games in most of our athletic programs, we would reduce it to 21.  We would have one less home game, and one less away game."

Basketball, baseball, volleyball, and softball teams would all be impacted.  Tubb says the schools could save about $40,000 in travel costs and fees paid to referees and umpires.

Chris Roehner, athletic director for South Brunswick High School, said he has spoken to many of the student athletes who say they won't mind the decrease in the number of games.

"The things I hear from the kids is that they support the county and whatever they decide," said Roehner.  "It probably bothers the coaches a little more.  At first they aren't thrilled they will have to drop a few games."

According to Tubb, what would bother coaches even more is what would happen if the seasons were not cut short.

"You either reduce your numbers of games, or you reduce the program itself by eliminating sports," said Tubb.

Eliminating sports is something no coach, athlete, or fan in Brunswick County would want to see.

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