Bride talks about a fatal crash that took her fiance's life

Brandon Tedder
Brandon Tedder
Brandon Mintz
Brandon Mintz
Daniel Sykes
Daniel Sykes

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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A groom and two other wedding party members died Saturday afternoon less than an hour before the ceremony began.

Saturday afternoon, Angel Bonahm was at Council Baptist church waiting on her fiance to arrive for their 4:00 wedding.

As the hour arrived, without the arrival of her husband-to-be, Angel began to sense something was wrong.

She said a friend could barely tell her the news.

"He did not want to tell me," said Angel.  "I said you tell me who it is. He said don't make me have to tell you, I said you tell me who is. He said I can't tell you, I said who, he said all three of them."

23-year-old Brandon Tedder, his best man 19-year-old Brandon Mintz, and his brother 13-year-old Daniel Sykes were all killed when authorities say a convertible veered into their lane on Highway 214 and hit their Honda head-on.

They were all pronounced dead on the scene, and Sykes was ejected from the car.

Officials say 43-year-old John Daniel Kelley was driving the silver Chrysler that crashed into the Honda.  Kelley and his son, 17-year-old Michael Kelley, were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay.

Troopers said they found empty beer bottles inside the Chrysler, and the driver of the Chrysler has been charged with DWI and more charges are pending.

Funeral services for Sykes will be held Tuesday afternoon at Iman's Funeral Home in Tabor City at 3:30.

A funeral service will be held for Tedder Wednesday morning at McKenzie Mortuary in Whiteville at 10:00.

A funeral service will also be held on Wednesday at Riegelwood Baptist Church at 3:00 PM for Mintz.

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