Cyber Road Trip

If the price of gas has you thinking twice about hitting the road just for fun, getting your kicks on Route 66 is too far away, or if you're just a road geek, today's sites are--right up your alley.  New Hanover County's the beginning--or end, depending on which side of the road you're on--of 4 US highways (74, 76, 117, and 421) and an interstate (I-40), with another US highway (17) passing through.  Thanks some dedicated road warriors, you can hit the road without leaving your house.

This you the background on the US highway system, which were planned in 1925, built a year later, then peaked in usage in the 1950s, right before the interstate highway system came into being.  This "End US Highway " site will take you to the beginning--and end of the road for just about every US Highway and their branches like US 421 in the country.  The other end of 421 is in Michigan City, Indiana, in case you're wondering.  If the fast lane is more your driving style, this site ( takes you through every interstate with hidden highways, future interstates like future I-74, and ones that never got built.

If you want to stay in the state,  takes you through all of the NC, US and interstate routes in the Tar Heel State.

For this week in geek, I'm Mark Avery.