Girls on the Run

November 18, 2002

A new after school program is not only keeping girls in shape, but it's helping their self-esteem as well. It's called Girls on the Run and it's become quite popular in the Wilmington area.It's a national program that has fourth graders at Coddington elementary school in Wilmington excited. Once a week these girls get together after school to learn about exercise and nutrition. With each stride,they take a step toward improved self esteem and a sense of inner beauty. From emotional to mental health the girls cover it all, but what they love best is what's done outdoors..the games, the running. Each week the girls lengthen the workout, working up to a 3 mile run in December.

It's fun on the run and the girl's are in no hurry to get to the finish line.

Reported By Heather Higgins: