Big purchase incentives for an uncertain economy

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - If the uncertain economy has you putting off the purchase of a car or home, you can rest easy.  Some companies are trying to give you peace of mind for a piece of your paycheck.

Buying a house seemed out of the question for the Kittingers.  They are worried about the economy and if they are safe from being laid off from their jobs.

Now, a new incentive deal from a local builder is making them feel more confident in buying a home.

"That's going to make us go more forward looking into this particular development as opposed to other ones, because there's more security in buying a home," said Jeanine Kittinger.

Jeanine is talking about a home buyer protection plan at Ashton Place in Leland.  They will pay your mortgage up to 6 months if you've lived in your new home for more than 2 months and lose your job.

"We are thinking of buying now as opposed to waiting another year to see how the economy is to see how are jobs are going to be," said Jeanine.

Builder Page Robertson said they are happy with the response they've gotten so far.

"It shows our faith in the economy and in America that we'll turn this thing around and give someone the incentive to make that decision now instead of later," said Robertson.

From homes to cars, the security some big ticket sellers are offering makes it easier for many to make a big purchase not as scary.

Hyundai has a similar incentive plan - if you buy a car and lose your job within the first year, you can give the car back with no effect on your credit report.

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