Iannone's wife speaks to Dateline about double murder investigation

Timothy Iannone (Courtesy: Dateline)
Timothy Iannone (Courtesy: Dateline)
Susan Iannone (Courtesy: Dateline)
Susan Iannone (Courtesy: Dateline)

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The search for clues in two unsolved mysteries in the Wilmington area is going national.  Friday night, Dateline will devote a full hour to two Wilmington murders.

Angela Nobles Rothen and Allison Jackson are two familiar names in southeastern North Carolina.  They are the victims of a notorious unsolved murder case that has been in the headlines for nearly a year.

Now, the rest of America is about to hear their story.  Friday night, Dateline will premiere The Unsolved Case Squad. 

Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz and a team of law enforcement veterans will look into Rothen and Jackson's deaths.

The women's remains were found in April 2008 in some woods off Carolina Beach Road.

A year has passed since that gruesome discovery.  It was a year with no arrests and virtually few public developments.

The Unsolved Case Squad will use their skills and experience to piece together evidence and discuss theories about who may have killed the women.  The hour long special will also include the first interview with the wife of the man who was questioned in the investigation.

At one point, the investigation centered around former cab driver Timothy Iannone who says, "they've got the wrong guy."  That was the last time Iannone spoke publicly about the investigation, but now he is talking again - this time to Mankiewicz.

Mankiewicz asked Iannone if he thought people on the street who read about him in the newspaper thought he was a man who got away with murder.

"Yeah, basically a monster, I guess you would say," said Iannone.

Police believe Iannone knew both women.  They say he was a regular at the bar where Foy was last seen, and lived a stone throw away from where the bones were found.

"I never had a problem with the police investigation," said Iannone.  "I mean, as far as them looking at me - I would have looked at me."

Nine months later, Iannone has not been officially named a suspect, just a person of interest.  In fact, police say they have several suspects.

During an interview, Mankiewicz uncovered that Susan Iannone reached out to a Wilmington private eye at the precise time that police were looking at her husband.

"This will be the first time that my husband's ever heard this, and if I have tears - you'll understand that," said Susan.  "I feel responsible for all this, and he doesn't even know it.  Rumors were going around that my husband had something to do with Allison.  Well, that made me mad."

Despite the accusations and charges against her husband, Susan defends him and even claims to know his whereabouts the night Foy disappeared.

"We were home by 7:00, and that's where we stayed," said Susan.  "That's where he was."

"You're his alibi?" asked Mankiewicz.

"Yes," said Susan.  "I'da knocked him out if he wasn't at home with me!"

Find out who they are and if they are possibly connected to this case Friday night at 10PM on NBC when Dateline's Unsolved Case Squad premieres.

Anyone with information regarding the two murders can fill leave an anonymous tip at www.tip708.com.

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