Archaeologists find Civil War artifacts in Brunswick County

Reported by Gavin Johnson - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - State archaeologists are spending time to uncover a part of history at the Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State historic site.

They have dug up part of what soldiers used as a line of defense to protect Wilmington during the Civil War.

"In this area here we have timbers that are part of the gun platform," said assistant state archaeologist John Mintz.

Workers at the historic site knew there was a gun platform somewhere on the grounds of Fort Anderson which was build in 1862.

"We have a lot of documents that gives us information about people, and maps of the gun platforms," said Fort Anderson manager Brenda Bryant.

After months of research archaeologists found the platform buried in an area known as "Battery B" which overlooks the Cape Fear River.

"This is approximately 147 years old," said Mintz.

Now, Mintz and some of the 70 volunteers are learning more about the discovery.

"The depressions in this area here appear to be the first look where the wheels of the cannon stood," said Mintz.

Archaeologists also found 18th century pottery and arrowheads,in addition to 19th century exploded shell fragments.

"We have Native American artifacts that are buried under colonial artifacts and that should be opposite," said site interpreter Jim McKee.  "Colonial artifacts should be buried under Native American artifacts."

They hope cleaning the artifacts will provide answers to some puzzling questions.

Historians plan to reconstruct the platform and display it on the grounds where it originally stood nearly 150 years ago.

Workers at Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site said it will likely be a few years before they are able to raise enough money to put the platform on display.

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