Protestors speak out against Titan America

Reported by Laura Sinacori - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Protestors hit the street Monday evening to oppose a planned cement plant.

The Stop-Titan group is working to keep Titan America from building a cement operation in Castle Hayne.

Protestors wanted to get the attention of county commissioners who were meeting inside, and also wanted to show support for Senate Bill 699, introduced by Julia Boseman.

Boseman's bill calls for a moratorium on cement plants for 18 months.

Protestors came from across the state to support the cause.

"We did a school project on it, and we wanted to come down and support Titan not moving to Wilmington," said middle school student Emma Gargan.

"This is just letting them know to stay aware that they are going to need our vote when it comes time to election time," said former city council member Pat Delair.

Demonstrators plan more protests at future commissioner and city council meetings.

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