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(WECT) - Let's face it, having a million dollar smile will get you noticed, but in this economy, it can also break the bank.

Here are some quick, non-invasive dental fixes to give you beautiful teeth.

First, start with a check-up.  Dr. Marc Liechtung says this will keep cash in your pocket.

"It's going to keep the gums and the teeth healthy during these times, and a $150, $200 check-up is a lot less expensive than a $1,000 crown or a root canal," said Dr. Liechtung.

Want a smile that sparkles? Try bleaching.

"Quick fix. It's gonna come back. It's gonna rebound back, but it gives that patient that pep in their step for a bigger smile for the time being."

Want to lose those spaces? Cosmetic bonding will do the trick.

"We just place a little bonding material, which is a composite of plastic, and we could shape it. They can shape it, make it look perfect, make it really blend in with the smile line."

It worked for 19-year-old Genet Jones.  Her once gapped smile is now stunning.

"I'm smiling more, so yes that's definitely made me feel better about myself," said Jones.

If veneers are too costly to fix chipped or damaged teeth, fix it in a "snap."

"Snap-on-Smile is a prosthetic appliance that's made out of a specialized resin that literally sleeves over existing teeth without adjusting, drilling, or changing the teeth in any way," said Dr. Liechtung.

David Kervick's smile shifted due to an overbite and missing teeth.  One dentist told him it would take three years and more than $60,000 to fix, but with a "snap," Kervick looks great.

"When you're in situations where you're speaking with people, or photo opportunities, you can give a full smile," said Kervick.

Snap-on-Smile may also help patients who are too sick for major dental work or fear the dentist.

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