Campaign fund violations deny student class presidency

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A UNCW student and dozens of supporters tried to fight the system Tuesday night and lost.

Navid Nematollahi ran for student body president and won a majority of the votes.

The elections board committee, composed of students, disqualified Nematollahi and his vice president over a campaign funds violation.

The amount in question is $31.07 for donated water bottles.

Nematollahi appealed the decision once, and his supporters made another attempt Tuesday night at the Student Government Association meeting.

"Part of me wanted to say, 'It is what it is, things turned out that way for a reason,' but then if I'm supposed to serve the student body as student body president, my first charge is to be an advocate of the students," said Nematollahi.

SGA voted Tuesday night 17-7 to reject the bill that would have made Nematollahi president.  He is looking into his options, but thinks this may be the end of the line.

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