Video games could help kids get higher grades in math

Reported by Kristy Ondo - bio|email
Posted by Laura Sinacori - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some local middle school students are the first in North Carolina to test out a new way of learning math. They're playing 3-D video games and solving equations at the same time.

Cape Fear Middle Schoolers are part of a pilot study for the game "Dimension M." It's a cutting edge, action adventure game that tries to put math and fun in the same equation.

Dimension M has math embedded into the story line. In order to advance, students must learn and practice their algebra skills.  But, the game isn't cheap, and school officials want to be sure it works, so a research team at UNCW is conducting a study. So far, the kids say the game is a keeper.

"Before we were doing this, last semester I have to admit I was doing kind of bad in math," said Joey Spencer a student. "This semester you know getting into virtual math, I've been doing pretty good."

"I brought my math grade up a lot when I was playing," said Hope Benton a student.

The UNCW study is taking place at Cape Fear and West Pender Middle Schools in Pender County, and D.C. Virgo and Trask Middle Schools in New Hanover County.

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