88-year-old Wilmington artist presents paintings to the public

Reported by Kristy Ondo - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington resident Quimby Cassius Reynolds is not your average painter and his artwork is unique.

He has created hundreds of paintings over the last two decades using cardboard and paint left over from his auto repair business.

The 88-year-old artist has been deaf since childhood, and until Friday he had never shown his work to the public.

"This is a talented artist who has had no recognition, no awareness in the community, and we wanted to help give him those accolades and he certainly deserves it," said neighbor Verne Strickland. He worked with local art enthusiast Pete Paterson and Reynolds' daughters to set up the art show.

"He never expected this," said his daughter Robin Law.  "He was just showing his artwork to his neighbors who thought that everybody should get to appreciate it."

Reynolds is serious about his art and says he likes the colors.

"When I paint, I clear the room, because they may not like what I'm doing and they may say something," said Reynolds.  "So I paint like I want to and when I paint pictures my mind just clears."

"I hope quite a few people come look at my paintings and tell me how they like them," said Reynolds.  "And if they don't like 'em...(shakes fist)!"

Reynolds' art show took place Friday from 6-8 PM at his garage on 623 South Second Street in downtown Wilmington.

More than 200 people showed up, and twelve paintings were purchased. Local art experts say Reynolds sold about six times the number of paintings usually sold at a Wilmington artist's debut.

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