Burglary prevention checklist

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Physical security constitutes 90 percent of burglary prevention.  Just having your building locked makes entry more difficult and time consuming, and lowers the chance of a successful burglary.

Below is a burglary prevention checklist that could help improve your protection.  Look over the list in the both the daylight and night time.  This checklist only points out areas you may not have otherwise checked.

Complying with these suggestions will not, of course, make you property burglar proof, but will certainly improve your protection.

Burglary Prevention Checklist


1. Are your wooden doors solid or reinforced?

2. Are the locks on your most used outside doors of the cylinder type?

3. Are they of either the deadlocking or jimmy-proof type?

4. Are your doors' locks protected from attack by breaking out glass or a panel of light wood?

5. Do you use chain locks or other auxiliary locks on all outside doors?

6. Do the doors without cylinder locks have a heavy bolt or similar secure device that can be operated only from the side?

7. Can all of your doors (basement, porch, French balcony) be securely locked?

8. Do your basement doors have locks that allow you to isolate that part of your house?

9. Are your locks all in good working condition?

10. Do you know everyone who has a key to your house? (Or are there still some in possession of previous owners and their employees and friends?)

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