NHC residents go to Raleigh to support Titan bill

Reported by Gavin Johnson - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - The controversy surrounding a proposed cement plant in Castle Hayne went before lawmakers in the state capitol Tuesday.

Almost 100 people from the Wilmington area boarded a bus to Raleigh to voice their concerns about the proposal to build the Titan Cement Plant.

The group of people attended a hearing at the legislative building, where they supported Senator Julia Boseman's bill to stop permits from being issued to any cement companies until September 2010.

The proposal would put a one year moratorium on any permits for the Titan project.

"We need to know more about them and I don't think there should be any draft permits issued until we're sure this is not going to be as detrimental as I believe it's going to be to our environment," said Boseman.

Residents told senators they are completely against Titan, but would like to see more research done on the possible health hazards the cement plant could bring.

"We don't want to sacrifice people's health," said Wilmington resident Mike Giles.  "If we can find a plant that wouldn't hurt the environment or community we may support it."

Representatives from Titan informed lawmakers they will do everything they can to make sure the plant doesn't harm people or the environment.

"We're following all the procedures now and when the rules change, we've said we'd meet all of them as well," said Carolina Cement general manager Bob Odom.  "We have already backed off some land to make things more viable."

People against the cement plant say they're going to keep meeting with lawmakers until a decision regarding Boseman's bill is reached.

According to a spokesperson for Titan, the plant is planning to build the plant in New Hanover County regardless if the bill is passed.

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