Running against leukemia and lymphoma

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There is a group of people in the Wilmington area made up of members who don't appear to have much in common.

They range in age from 17 to 52, and their only common thread is a drive to beat blood cancer.

The group is a team in training for two upcoming marathons, but not all of them are seasoned athletes.

Whether they've been running for years or just months, they all want to stamp out cancer and support those who are battling it now.

"My father was diagnosed with non curable blood cancer called multiple myeloma," said Shannon Hussey.  "It's bone marrow cancer, so I'm out here fundraising to try to find a cure and to help people who are battling cancers like that."

"My dad is a cancer patient, and now my best friend's husband is a cancer patient, so for me it's really hit home," said Mary Lou Tooley.

The team hits the pavement to train for whatever leukemia and lymphoma marathon or half marathon is approaching.  The team is raising  money and raising the bar for their own health.

The group starts each run by remembering one person who's been affected by cancer.  They run, remember, and keep the hope alive that cancer will be here one day and gone the next.

To learn more about joining or supporting a team in training, contact the Leukemia and Lymphoma Office in Wilmington, (910) 799-0075.

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