Lifewatch: The McKenzie System

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There is a method to relieve aches and pains without surgery or expensive medication.

The McKenzie System is practiced in 22 countries on five continents and relies on the patient to take an active role in his or her recovery.

Physical Therpaist Doug Miller from Carolina Sports Medicine in Wilmington uses the McKenzie System to treat back pain.

According to Miller, it won't take long to feel relief if you follow the program as directed.

"In some instances we can see people's pain fully resolved in a week or 1-2 sessions," said Miller.

During the initial assesment, the therapist finds what exercises help to relieve the patient's pain.

"One movement that we would do is just see how well she can bend forward," said Miller.

After exercises are found to help relieve pain, it is up to the patient to follow through.

"The main thing with the method is we try to empower the patient to be able to go home, know what they need to do to take care of their own back," said Miller.  "That way they become less dependant on return visits to us for long periods of time."

Patient Susan Murray has been working with Miller and on her own for six weeks.

"I'm very happy with the results, because I was getting tension headaches, taking over the counter pain medication, and nothing seemed to be helping," said Murray.

Murray says her life has turrned around by taking a few minutes out of her day to work on the exercises.

"It's made it much more pleasant," said Murray.  "I don't find myself taking medication as often, my posture has improved, and all in all its been a positive experience."

"And that's the simplicity of it," said Miller.  "People often, especially when they do well with it, they are like I can't believe it was this simple."

The method is desigend to acheieve positive outcomes in as few treatments as possible.

To learn how to schedule and appointment with the team at Carolina Sports Medicine, click here.

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