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Six guitarfish born at the Fort Fisher Aquarium

Reported by Max Winitz  bio | email
Posted by Heather Setzler  bio | email

FORT FISHER, NC (WECT) -- The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is celebrating the birth of six new baby residents.

Earlier this month, a mother guitarfish gave birth in one of the sting ray tanks at the aquarium. 

The babies are currently being held in a different tank and are not on display yet.  Officials with the aquarium are monitoring their progress until they can be placed in a bigger tank.

"Atlantic guitarfish get to be two to three feet in length, and we will make sure they get a little bigger," said Amy Kilgore with the aquarium.  "It will be about four to eight months before we put them on display."

Officials are exploring the idea of setting aside a weekend in November to celebrate all the aquarium's latest births.


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