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Big Switch problems solved

Reported by Gavin Johnson - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - As of Monday afternoon, 81 calls came into the WECT newsroom from viewers confused by the big switch.

Luckily, the most of those people reported technical problems that can be ironed out.

Many people who had rabbit ears and now have converter boxes questioned what their channels would look like after the big switch.

One viewer saw snow, but after the switch she said her channels are crystal clear.

Maryanna Higley of Wilmington is one of thousands who watched in anticipation of the switch, hoping she would still be able to see her favorite programs.

We first met Higley a few weeks ago, when she was concerned about getting a coupon for a converter box.  Since then, her tune has changed about the switch to digital.

"When I hooked up the box yesterday, I was just amazed at the picture quality," said Higley.

Not only has her picture quality improved, but so did her picture quantity.  Higley said viewers with problems should have patience, because the payoff is worth it.

Engineers say people with converter boxes will get even more channels in the future as technology advances.


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