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More cats disappear in Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH -- A seventh cat is recovering from a gunshot wound inflicted on Saturday.

It was the seventh cat to be shot, but only the second survivor.

"Squirrel" is recovering from a gunshot wound at Carolina Beach Animal Hospital, a wound inflicted Thursday morning.
The feral cat was discovered injured in her colony in southern New Hanover County. "Squirrel" is the only survivor of several cats shot.

"One was to the spine. The other three were to the faces, and they looked to be close range because they were between the eyes and multiple pellets and only one wound," said Dr. Deb Donovan.

So far this month seven cats have been shot.  Four of them died.  Another six are missing.

All but one of the cats have been feral.  The shootings were at two locations just miles apart.

Sharon Harmon is a member of the Friends of Felines group that feeds, spays and neuters, and cares for the wild cats.

Harmon is staying close to the scene of the most recent shootings, paying close attention to anyone in the area.

"Every car that drives up, you think is this the one that's going to pull a gun a shoot a cat?" said Harmon.

Carolina Beach police and New Hanover County sheriff's deputies are both working the case.

Dr. Donovan says she is keeping all the pellets and X-rays for evidence, hoping someone faces justice for a cruel crime.

Friends of Felines and S.A.D.D. are offering a reward of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.


Reported by Sarah Warlick

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