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Huckabee Supported by Two Well-Known TV Personalities

MYRTLE BEACH -- With only two days until the South Carolina primary, some of the Republican candidates spent the day in South Carolina.

Candidate Mike Huckabee was in Myrtle Beach on Thursday and he even brought some of his supporters with him.

The former Arkansas Governor is being endorsed by TV and film star Chuck Norris, as well as professional wrestler Ric Flair.

Both attended Huckabee's rally on Thursday at a hangar located at the Myrtle Beach airport.

Over 100 people attended the campaign gathering.

Huckabee says that with Norris and Flair on his side, it would be a wise choice to vote for him.

"They are gonna be on the left and right of me on our trip throughout South Carolina. If somebody doesn't vote for me, Ric is going to wrestle you to the ground and Chuck will put you in a choke hold. If they are not gonna vote for me, they are going to get shipped somewhere else," said Huckabee jokingly.

According to the latest polls, Arizona Senator John McCain has a 29 to 22 percent lead over Huckabee.

McCain spent the day in South Carolina as well.

Reported by Max Winitz

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