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In Memory of WECT General Manager Karl Davis

WILMINGTON -- Saturday afternoon, WECT General Manager and Vice President Karl Davis passed away after a motorcycle accident.

On behalf of everyone at WECT, we'd like to thank you for your many expressions of sympathy.  We'd like to share some of the kind words that have been expressed.

If you would like to share your memory or condolences, please e-mail them to

"I was so sorry to hear about this tragedy.  I had only met him on one occasion; the day we had lunch with Karl and the Mayor.  As far as I could see he certainly was an outstanding person.  We do not know why tragedy strikes such good people, but God has a purpose in every event in our lives. Mary Ann and I both are very sorry and if you get the chance please pass our sincere sympathy to his family from us."-Wayne & Mary Ann Briley; Wayne is the Police Chief in Burgaw

"Barbara and I are very sorry to learn of Karl's death." -Gil Burnett; retired District Court Chief of Pender and New Hanover Counties

"My son, Max, informed us this morning of Karl's tragic death.  My wife and I wish to express our condolences to Karl's family and to you, his "family," at WECT.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this time." -Edward and Lory Winitz

"I am sorry for the loss. He will be deeply missed.  For the little time that I knew him, he was always a true gentleman." -John Lewis; Verizon Wireless B2B Sales

"I still cannot believe it!  We had a special prayer service in church this morning for Kathleen and his family. My heart goes out to all of you who are his work family and to Kathleen and his immediate family.  God's peace." -Sandy Collette

"I am shocked and devastated to hear of the loss of Karl.  He will be greatly missed. Consider This was a fabulous addition to the news. I can't even express the words.  A huge loss for the community and all those who respected this great man." -Kim Venturo, Myrtle Beach

"The Matheson family wishes to extend our sincerest condolences and prayers at the loss of a fine American. Mr. Karl Davis had the courage of his convictions, and sadly, that is something that is missing in our country today.  Consider This has been, ever since its first airing, a focal point, as well as our favorite part, of the newscast.  Mr. Davis wasn't afraid to voice his opinion, especially when the subject concerned your viewing area and the people who live here.  Goodbye, Mr. Karl Davis.  You will be sorely missed." -The Matheson Family; Bladenboro

"I can't believe it, can't believe he's not here...I think he would be shocked at the impact he had made, I don't think he ever saw it and I don't think he ever wanted any pats on the back for it. I think he would be astounded a the people absolutely devastated with us losing him." -Connie Majure-Rhett; Chamber of Commerce

"Wilmington downtown will surely miss him.  I think the community will miss him and it will be difficult to replace him.  Our thoughts are with Karl's family." -Kent Stephens; President of Wilmington Downtown

"He was always immaculately dressed we always kidded him that, if you went out to mow the yard I wanted to see what he looked like in a three piece suit, he was always impeccable." -Rick Hairston; CEO and President of Carolina Canines

"As we remember Karl and the tragedy behind his death I think we also here to remember he died doing  something he loved doing and I can only home and pray that the moment before his death he was having the ride of his life." -Frances Weller; WECT Anchor

"I am shocked and deeply saddened.  I appreciate you letting me know as Karl and all of you at WECT are like family to me." -Linda Marks

"I am so sorry. High condolences, he was a genuine human being in a world of illusion, smoke and mirrors.  I shall miss him. I regret not taking him to the range." -Benjamin Smith

"I just saw the tribute on TV, it breaks my heart!!"  -Sandy Collette

"My heart goes out to you, Kathleen and the family along with all the staff of WECT, Kathleen told us today how wonderful you were yesterday at the hospital. She is strong but is going to miss Karl dearly. If I can do anything to help this untimely situation please let me know. Best to you." -Bernie Malman

"Sorry for your loss. I have you and the rest of the station in my prayers." -Broadus Hester Jr./KG4OCH

"I had the opportunity to know Mr. Davis when he was in the Albany, NY area, what a wonderful man. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He will be remembered always through the lives he has touched, both locally and along his travels." -Sharon

"I can still not believe Karl is no longer with us.  He was one of the nicest men I have ever met and will miss him terribly.  I can only imagine how you must be feeling at this time.  Please let me know if there will be a fund set up in his memory for his family."  -Barb Lynch

"Everyone that met Karl Davis knew that he was a different type of person that knew no stranger and always had time to meet whoever visited the station.  I remember this because for three years my Psychosocial-Rehab program traveled to tour the Station.  He always was there to answer their questions and talk with them. The consumers of course enjoyed the tour and everyone their took time with them, but to their surprise the manager took that time.  You don't know how often they spoke of that.  They were all quite impressed.  Therefore you had 52 avid viewers because of that.  I know you will miss him. I hope your next manager will have the same kind of heart. The heart that took time out for people from Duplin County. God bless all of you in this time." -Margaret Vincent, QP,BSW

"I'm sorry to hear the news of Karl's death.   Let me know if there's something we can do to help." -Chip

"You have been in my thoughts over the last couple of days.  I was very saddened to hear of the tragic death of Karl Davis.  He was a generous person.  Surely, you and the WECT folks will miss him greatly.  I can't help but think of how he has been so supportive of our organization.  Please let your co-workers know that we have them in our thoughts and prayers, too." - Janet Nelson, Director of Smart Start in NHC

"I would like to extend my condolences and sympathies to you and the WECT staff on behalf of the loss of Karl Davis.  He reached into each of our homes and he will be missed by the entire WECT viewing area and beyond.  Our thoughts are with you.  I know this will be a hard week for all of you.  I will keep positive thoughts in my heart."  -Kelli H. Scott, Restless Wind Farm & Nursery

"Our deepest sympathies are with Kathleen, the family, and all those who worked with Karl. Karl was an honest, compassionate, man of integrity with a good sense of humor. We will miss him greatly." -Dale and Sharon Smith

"...what tragic news of Karl's death this weekend.  I'm so sorry, and know it must be devastating for you, his family, and the station." -Paula Cameron, Cavenaugh Automotive Group

"So sorry to hear about Karl. Please let me know if there's anything we can do for the station and/or Kathleen." -Rob Kaiser, Greater Wilmington Business Journal

"I am saddened by the untimely death of Karl Davis.  I looked forward to his commentaries and his courteous delivery.  He will be missed by many viewers in the New Hanover and Brunswick County neighborhoods. I send much heartfelt sympathy to his working team at WECT and his family.  He will be missed."  -Kathy B. Pruitt

"On the heels of a death in the family, we are reeling from the untimely death of Karl Davis.  We feel that he was a positive influence on the community, and ran two excellent television stations.

        When he would speak of the rude emails he received in response to his, "Consider This" spots, I would cringe. I never wrote and told him the high regard in which I, and our family, held him and the staff of WECT and WSFX.

         It is my hope that Mr Davis' good will and good choices will continue for the stations, and the people who watch." -Marie T Magill  

"We are traveling and thus have just heard about the untimely passing of Karl Davis. Our condolences go out to Kathleen and the family. We always enjoyed his editorials." -Cheryl and Dror Bar

"I was stunned this morning to hear of Karl Davis' passing. My sincerest condolences to the Davis Family and the staff at WECT." -Joe Pappalardo

"All are in our prayers here at Wilmington Cardiology." -Kim Bandy

"I was so sorry to hear of Karl Davis' sudden death.  I know you and your colleagues must be shocked and heart broken.  I always enjoyed his editorials." -Jinger Lyon, Broker, ABR

"I was so sorry to hear of Karl Davis' death.  There have been so many times that I wanted to email him to tell him how much I enjoyed his commentaries.  I saw him at one time getting out of his car to go into the studio. I was going to stop briefly to thank him but I was visiting a friend and running late.  How I wish I had done that.  Please express my deepest sympathy to his family - he surely will be missed."  -Christine Warnecke

"I only met him a few times, but he really seemed to be a really nice man. My heart and thoughts go out to his family and all of you who knew him well!" -William B. Ratcliff, Cape Fear Investigative Services, Inc.

"Karl hired me in January 1985 at WNYT-TV in Albany, NY. I worked for Karl for over ten years. During that time Karl was not only a great boss but a terrific friend. He always led by example and you knew he really cared about people. I consider myself blessed to have known Karl and to have worked with and for him. He will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to know him in Albany. I'm sure he will be missed @ WECT as he was certainly one of the good guys. God Bless all of you at this difficult time." -Steve Brown, Sales Manager WSB-TV

"I wish that I had the perfect words to convey how sorry I was to hear about Karl.  It broke my heart.  Karl had always been kind to me and that is what I will always remember. 

When John Evans called to tell me that he was going to work with WECT I was overjoyed.  That is exactly where he needs to be.  I was going to write and tell Karl that my loss was his gain.  I kept putting it off.  I finally wrote the card on Friday.  It should be on his desk this morning.  I regret that he never had a chance to read it.  I was sincere when I wrote to Karl and congratulated him for hiring John. 

I will also remember Karl doing the Carousel Fundraiser in which he portrayed Ed Sullivan.  He was perfect!  He played the part as good as Ed Sullivan would have done himself plus he helped out a worthwhile charity.

I am truly sorry for this town's loss.  He will be truly missed." -Dana Fisher, Olympic Mortgage Consultants

"I did not know Karl, but saw the news of his passing in the industry news this morning and wanted to express my condolences to his families, both his family at home and his family at your station.  As a fellow motorcyclist, I always take pause when I learn of the untimely death of a brother. As a broadcast professional, I'm touched by what he obviously meant to all of you and the community.  God Bless all of you during this very difficult time." -Tony Alicea, Freedom Communications

"I am truly sorry for the loss of your general manager Mr.Karl Davis. There are no words to express how I feel about this. My heart felt sympathy goes out to you at this time. We cannot question "why " such a tragedy happened because all things happen for a reason. My prayers and thoughts are with you and the entire family at WECT." -Sheila Newton & family

"I wanted to let you know my thoughts are with everyone at the station during this difficult time.  Karl was a wonderful General Manager, and I know he will be missed.  It is a great loss for WECT.  Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you." -Kim Fields, Former CIM Co-Anchor

"What a tragedy. I knew Karl pretty well.  He was one of the good guys." -Jim Quinn, Wilmington City Councilman

"I'm stunned. Please share my condolences with Karl's family and the WECT team." -Jessica Noll, Former WECT staff member

"Sorry to hear about the sudden death of your GM. We cover news like this every day, but it's always so strange, almost surreal, when it happens to someone we know. Thinking of you and your newsroom buddies today." - Tracie Potts, NBC Newschannel

"I just read about the death of your general manager. I know how difficult it is to deal with an employee death - especially one so unexpected. I imagine people are in shock right now. I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you during this tough time!" -KyAnn Lewis, News Director of WHNS

"I want to express my deepest sympathies to Karl's family and to you and the rest of Karl's WECT family.  I never met him in person but he and I have been emailing since he did the commentary on shelter dogs in November.  I was so amazed and humbled by the long, detailed emails that he sent about our charity ball and how much he supported efforts to help with the overpopulation and rising euthanasia rate in our area. Wilmington has truly lost a very talented news personality and great humanitarian." -Linda & Sunburst Foundation

"I just wanted to let you know that I am so sorry to hear about Karl's death.  I never met him but heard he did a lot for the community.  His family and the WECT family are in mine and Matt's prayers." - Kande Collins, Gov/NGO PharmaServices

"Sherri and I are so sorry to hear about Karl's accident and tragic death. He was a very nice man that didn't deserve to be taken from his personal and broadcast families so soon.  I know he was more than a boss to you, he was a wonderful friend who lived life to its fullest.  He will be missed.  Please pass on our sympathies and condolences to his family and your fellow workers.  We will make a donation to the Red Cross in his name." -Sam and Sherri 

"I just wanted to extend my sympathies regarding Karl's passing.  It's hit us all as a huge shock and I know those of you at the station are reeling.  If there's anything I can do please let me know." -Tonye Gray

"My prayers go out to the staff and family of your boss.  You will find strength in each other through faith." -Teresa Horsboll 

"We were stunned and saddened to hear of the tragic death of Karl Davis.  His was truly the wonderful voice of Wilmington and the area.  We will miss his "Consider This" - always insightful, fair and with a deep knowledge of human nature.  We would like to extend our sympathy to his wife and family and to his WECT family." -J. Patrick and Lois Moran

"I just can't believe it.  I was totally shocked and sad.  I really respected Karl.  He was my first GM that made me feel as if I was an important part of the company. But I have to tell you, my first thought beyond the initial shock was something that made me smile: every time I think of Karl, I think about our WECT Polar Plunge team.  The NBC side dressed as the colors of the NBC Peacock feathers.  I am pretty sure Karl was purple.  That is the way I remember him.  Running into the frigid water with a huge grin on his face,always part of the team. -Jessica Blanton, former WECT/WSFX employee

"I just wanted to send my sympathies your way for the loss of Karl Davis.  That was such a tragic loss  I know it is hard to deal with losing a co-worker." -Sasha Reddic

"I was very sorry to hear about the passing of your General Manager, Mr.Davis. I enjoyed watching his commentaries and wish I had written to tell him how much we appreciate your station and the coverage you have given our school, St.Mark Catholic. My thoughts and prayers are with the Davis family and WECT family." -Tina Winesette, PR volunteer, St.Mark School

"Cheryl and I were shocked at the news of Karl's passing. Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this time. I you need us for any thing do not hesitate to contact us." -Ronald Sparks, Wilmington City Councilman

"I am a local viewer 22 years old, I have always watched WECT for my news. I have always enjoyed watching Mr. Davis do his commentary segments. It took great courage to express opinions like that and put them to the judgement of the masses. You could truly tell Mr. Davis was an honest and true person. I will miss his thoughts each week. My sincerest condolences to his family, and my thoughts and prayers with everyone at WECT." -Stephen Hobbs

"I was very saddened to hear of the tragic death of Karl Davis. Our deepest sympathies are with Kathleen, the family, and all of you at WECT. Consider This was a fabulous addition to the newscast. I admired how Karl wasn't afraid to voice his opinion, especially when the subject concerned the viewing area and the people who live here. GODSPEED KARL, YOU WILL BE SORELY MISSED..." -The Hernandez Family

"I am so sorry for you and everyone at the station. I loved Karl. He was such a wonderful asset to Wilmington in every way. I gravitated to him at every function because he was such an interesting person. I can only imagine what it was like to work for such a wonderful person. I am so sorry for your loss." -Kathy Rudeseal

Click here to read what Jim Serra, President and General Manager for KPLC-TV, said about Karl in his blog.

"I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss.  You, the WECT family and Karl's family are in my prayers.  I know he will be greatly missed! God Bless." -Tara Everhart

"We extend our sincere sympathy to the Davis Family and to the entire staff at WECT.  Karl was a fine man, a gentleman and a good person.  He will be missed by our community and the entire TV-6 viewing area.
Karl visited our Kiwanis Club in 2007 and presented a very interesting program on WECT and its rich history.  He informed our members of the changes coming to television in signal...and what to expect.
Karl was a fine man, an asset for our community and he will be dearly missed." -Jim Stasios, The Kiwanis Club of Wilmington, Inc

"I think you will be very missed." -Carol O. Blake

"My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to Karl's family and the WECT team. Karl was  an amazing leader and such a kind heart. I'll never forget his smile or how he cared so much for his community, especially those of us at WECT. He will truly be missed." -Nicole Ferguson, former WECT reporter

"A co-worker shared the news of Karl's passing with me Saturday Night.  I was devastated. My father was in broadcasting and knew Karl very well.  Karl was amazing to myself and my family after my father passed.  I had just spoken to Karl on Friday.  He was instrumental in helping set up a scholarship to honor my father's memory.

I have worked in and around radio and television broadcasting for most of my life.  Karl was one of the best I have known!  He will greatly be missed! My prayers to Kathleen, her children, and grandchildren!" - Darryl Langley, Marketing Consultant WWQQ

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending sympathy/prayers. Such a loss - Karl was in my Rotary Club and Kathleen in my Leadership Wilmington class -- two very special people." -Linda Patton, Cape Fear Literacy Council

"I had the opportunity to work with Karl for the last 6 1/2 years, the last 3 as his General Sales Manager. His untimely death has left a hole in me that I can only strive to fill with his beliefs, fundamentals and visions of our business. He truly was a visionary in the TV industry and I am honored that I had the opportunity to work with him.

 It has hit me pretty hard as I have resigned from WECT on 1/3 and my last day was this past Friday. I am leaving to go work with a peer that knew Karl and referred me to call Karl about the open sales management position at WECT. I am grateful, because last week I had some closure with him and was spent lots of time with him talking about old times, the laughs and the tough times that we had shared not only as close working colleagues but also as friends. 

My last e-mail to Karl on Friday was to thank him for all he taught me over the last six years and the only way I could think to repay him was to someday become as great as he was in out TV industry. Karl, I will follow through on that promise. I will miss you so much. As we say in our business, it's not goodbye, it's see you next time." -Beth Young former General Sales Manager WECT

"I am so sorry to hear about Karl's death. He was a wonderful person to work for. His door was always open and he always seemed to have a smile on his face. It was a pleasure to know him. He will certainly be missed by everyone who knew him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the WECT/WSFX family." -Samantha Neely, Former WECT/WSFX Producer

"We are deeply sorry and want to express our condolences for your loss.  He seemed to be a great man.  We really enjoyed watching Consider This with Karl Davis.  Our hearts go out to the family and friends.  Just remember he is "Riding For Jesus" now!" -Ray Reason, Ace Wrecker Service

"You have my deepest sympathy in the death of Karl Davis. I really enjoyed watching him on the news. God bless you all." -Zona Brisson

"It has been about six years since I worked at FOX 26 but I remember Karl as a man of humor, a man who would always say hello and be interested in what I had to say. I will pray for his family and for the WECT family in this time of mourning." - Dave Bondy, FOX6 Birmingham, AL (former WECT reporter)

"My thoughts and prayers are with Karl Davis's family and co-workers. I enjoyed watching his commentary.  He seemed like such caring person, trying to make a difference.  On the last commentary I saw, he was asking people to be kinder and less rude to others. I do hope that we can all carry on his message of good will." -Mary Scott

"We would like to express how sad we are for the tragic accident and the loss of such a wonderful man. We are also motorcycle riders. Our prayers are with all of the family including the WECT family. We know he will be missed dearly. He always had words of inspiration and encouragement and we always enjoyed listening to what he had to offer." -Chief and Mrs. Billy Younginer, Carolina Beach Police Department

"I was so saddened to hear of the death of Karl Davis. Karl's family, friends and everyone at WECT are in my thoughts and prayers, as he will be missed by all who knew him." - Sara Straeten Dailey, former WECT reporter

"When Karl ask us to, Consider This, he had way to get me to stop and do just that.   The last time I spoke to Karl, I said that I did not always agree with his points, but I always respected the way he expressed his point. He said good, all he wanted was to get me to look and think about things from a different point of view. We are all better for our time with Karl. We have lost a good man." -Butch Lane

"Please extend my deepest sympathy to Karl's WECT family, his wife and children. I didn't have the good fortune to have meet him but his strong presence on Consider This made a huge impression and insight as to what a rare man he was.  I am so very sorry, so very sad." -Jacqueline Karch

"Karl Davis was an incredible individual.  I had the honor to work with him through several events throughout the Wilmington community.  I am deeply saddened by his passing.  God Bless you, Karl.  Thanks to the fine folks at WECT for providing us a forum to voice our feelings, express our condolences, and show our appreciation for a great man." -Chad Hessenflow

"Kacey called me this weekend to let me know that Karl passed away.  She is devastated and wants everyone to know that all of you are in her thoughts and prayers.  One of my favorite Kacey pictures are of her and Karl when she was Santa Clause at WECT. Please let everyone at the station know that we are thinking of them. I just saw that there will be a memorial service this Friday.  I am going to be there.  Hope to see you then." -Teri Gaumer

"Please accept my deepest sympathy at your great loss.  I am very saddened at Karl's death." -Jerrie Lynn Sutton

"Cari and I were deeply saddened to hear of Karl's passing. He had a great love for the television business and enjoyed life to the fullest! We have many happy memories of our time spent in Wilmington, and very much enjoyed Karl and Kathleen's company. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kathleen and the family during this very difficult time. WECT and Raycom Media have lost have lost a true friend and visionary." -Gary O'Halloran, former VP/GM, WSFX Fox 26   

"Just wanted you and the folks at WECT to know that we're thinking of you and extend deepest sympathy. I did not know Mr. Davis personally, but had met him and had the pleasure of having conversations with him at various events.  He was always pleasant and seemed to greatly appreciate any comment about WECT.

 I appreciated his involvement in our community and support of so many worthwhile causes which helped our children, families and canine friends too.  Like many in the community I enjoyed his "Consider This" segment, he truly had his finger on the pulse of our community." -Tannis Nelson

"I am so sorry to hear about Karl Davis. I saw an "In Memory" ad last night and was shocked,  then I saw the story on the news this morning.  I just can't believe it, he seemed like such a great person.  I know I've told you this before but I was really impressed by him when WECT did a sponsorship of the Parenting Place Playhouse raffle last year.  He always took my phone calls and followed up on my emails right away, and I know I wasn't a priority for him!" -Megan Criss, former Event Coordinator for The Parenting Place

"The news of Karl's untimely death saddened me beyond words.  I worked for Karl as the Fayetteville Account Executive when he started as the General Sales Manager at WECT, and he was more than an employer.  He was a friend, a teacher and a treasure.  My sincerest condolences to Kath, his children, family and his WECT family, which I was proud to have been a part of.  Safe journey with the angels Karl." -Tammy Smith

"I was so saddened tonight when I heard the news about the untimely passing of WECT General Manager Karl Davis. I have enjoyed watching Mr. Davis over the last several years on WECT with his Consider This commentaries. They really made me think about the issues that he was discussing. Mr. Davis was a man that was never afraid to speak out for what he believed in on those commentaries. I have never met him before but my deepest condolences go out to his wife and family and also to his family at WECT. Mr. Davis will be missed at WECT, but he will not be forgotten with his Consider This commentaries." -Rusty Kelly

"KARL DAVIS, You're the man. Loved all your commentaries and looked forward to watching them every night on WECT and WSFX. You're true blue and an awesome person.You will be missed here and know God has other plans for you with him. Sincerest Condolences to the Davis Family." -Debbi and Terry

"I am so sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Karl Davis.  I enjoyed listening to Consider This. I am sure all of you will miss him greatly. Life is really short, so enjoy each day like it's your last." -Doris Strickland

"I was so sorry to hear of Karl's passing. He and I were colleagues in Pappas Telecasting when he was Sales Manager in Sacramento and I was Sales Manager in Omaha. I came to know him through company meetings and many phone calls where we shared ideas and commiserated on a variety of issues. Karl was remarkably well-rounded and interested in a wide range of topics. He was also a fine human being who was quick to identify with people at all levels of our organization. We lost a great one." -Jim McKernan, Vice President/General Manager
Bonten Media Group   

"In the six years I worked with Karl as an Account Executive at WECT, he was the consummate professional, always on his mark, and prepared for anything that he encountered. Karl was humble, kind and fair. Karl always had time to listen, always took a moment to ask how someone was doing, and always made time for visits from staff member's children and even their pets. We all worked the extra mile for him because at the end of the day, we knew he genuinely cared not just about the job but about the team that made it happen. Karl, you were one in a million. Thank you for touching so many lives." -Carolyn Candebat, former Account Executive at WECT

"My condolences to the entire WECT family, Kathleen and their family. What a huge loss.  Karl was truly an amazing person with such a kind soul.  He will be missed." -Angie Skipper

"I'd like to send you and the entire staff at WECT my sincere condolences.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time." -Frances Chalmers, Traffic Manager at WTOC-TV

"We are former residents of Wrightsville Beach who were sorry to hear of Karl Davis' untimely passing.  We never knew quite what his position was with the station, but his presence was such that a person knew he had something to say and should listen.  His delivery of the Consider This piece on WECT was always thought-provoking and so open to comment by the public, which it seems should be the way of this country and often is not.  He had a demeanor of professionalism that was far beyond the norm.  Our sincerest condolences to his family and the WECT family on the loss of a fine man." -Kristin & Michael Christensen

"Karl and I started work at WECT on the same week and worked together for about 3 years.  He taught me a lot about the TV business. Being on the WECT team with Karl was a wonderful experience.  Though we met at co-workers, we became friends.   I'm very honored to have been in his circle of friends.  He was an amazing human being and I will truly, truly miss him." -Anita Liebscher

"I am so saddened by this horrible news of Karl's passing.  I was fortunate to work for Karl for many years in Albany.  I was his first hire at WNYT when he had just become LSM.  Six years later Karl promoted me to LSM.  I learned a great deal from Karl, the most important lesson was to be honest and fair.  Karl will be missed dearly.  Please know my thoughts and prayers are with Karl, Kathleen and his family during this difficult time." -Tony McManus, GSM WNYT-TV 

"What a shock it was to learn of Karl's death!  My thoughts are with you and all the folks at WECT during this sad and difficult time.  We in Rotary will miss him as well as the community at large." -Mimi Cunningham, Executive Director of Community Relations at UNCW

"I am so saddened, as so many others are, at hearing of your very big loss at the station. I was just developing a good rapport with him. Unfortunately, helping families with estate planning and estate administration after a death is something I do for a living on a daily basis.  It is never easy, even if someone has been ill for a long time, but circumstances as shocking as this is - is really very, very difficult. As so many people say, if there is something I can do to help, please ask. My prayers are with his family and with the employees, such as yourself, with the station." -Judy C. Shaw, LTCA Legacy Planning

"I just wanted to offer my condolences to you. I was shocked to hear about Karl's accident over the weekend. He was good to me initially just based on the word of a friend and the fact that we were trying to do something good for the community. I know the Wilmington community will miss him. I'm sure you will too." -Lawless Bean

"I just wanted to send a quick note offering my condolences to you and all the WECT family. I was in shock yesterday when I heard about Karl. I'm sure everyone at the station is working together through this terrible time.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Our co-workers are family, and I know Karl was a caring leader. He will be missed.  I personally enjoyed every meeting I ever had with him and counted him as a friend as well as a colleague. I'll really miss him. What a loss!!!" -Eileen McConville, Director of Volunteer and Auxiliary Services NHRMC

"I worked at WECT on the sales team in 2005 and part of 2006. I would just like to express my deepest sympathy to all who works at the station and to his wife Kathleen. I watched the film of him online and you know, she did exactly what Karl would of wanted, to rally the troops. He was a very special man and Kathleen is just as amazing . What a strong beautiful woman who has just lost her love but yet is consoling everyone else. She truly is one in a million. My heart goes out to her. I only worked for Karl for a little over a year but I am a better AE for knowing him. He was a great leader and he made the work place like a home, his presence will be forever missed." -Elizabeth M O'Brien, former WECT employee

"To all our friends at WECT TV6, and to Karl's wife and family, our deepest sympathy. The entire viewing area has lost a good friend.  My wife and I always looked forward to his appearances on the news and to his wonderful, straight forward, common sense commentaries.  He will be missed by all of us." -Phil & Claudia Hammett

"I am sending my condolences to you and your staff on the loss of Mr. Davis" -Joyce Wynne and family

"To Ms. Kathleen and Family my heart held condolenes." -Hubert C. Kinlaw, Bladen County/Medical Examiner

"We were so sorry to hear the tragic news of Karl Davis' passing.  Although, we never met, he seemed like part of our family.  He will be greatly missed by all.  All of you are in our thoughts and prayers." -Sue and Maisie Riggs

"Along with every one of the folks at Silver Coast Winery, I was completely devastated when I heard the news of Karl's accident.  Everyone knows that he was a lover of fine wine.  I remember like it was yesterday the first time Karl and Kathleen came into the winery.  From the first minute we all met, I knew that they were both extremely special human beings.  Karl seemed to have a serenity about him that brought such a joy to everyone who met him.  He and Kathleen joined our wine club and it was such fun to see them when they came in.  One of the things in particular that I took notice of was how he absolutely beamed whenever he looked at or spoke to dear Kathleen.  It was obvious that he adored her.  I remember once that we were able to arrange to have them do some barrel tastings with our winemaker, Dana Keeler.  Well, you would have thought he was a child at Christmas.  What an adventure.  He loved life.  My heart and prayers are with Kathleen and his wonderful family.  His children must have been so proud of him.  He leaves a great void in the hearts of everyone who knew him." -Sharon Alston and the crew from Silver Coast.

"I am deeply saddened by the news of the loss of Karl. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the station. I find it futile to try and offer words of condolences at a time such as this but I can only say that, death ends a life not a relationship. Those of us that were touched in our lives by Karl Davis will carry that friendship until our last days." - Rob Moody, Former Assignment Manager at WECT

"We at ERNIE BUFFET are very sorry to hear of Mr. Karl's death. He ate here on Saturday and he was full of life. We will miss him; he was friendly, smiling and having a great time. We pray for his family." -Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Starling & Hannah

"As a former WECT Sales Manager my heart goes out to Karl's Family and the WECT Family. It is not very often that you find a General Manager who takes time to talk with all employees and clients. He always made you feel good and had something positive to say. A true gentleman. Karl will be missed by many." -John Peck, Peck Agency

"Barbara and I are very sorry to learn of Karl's death." -Gil Burnett; retired Chief District Court Judge for Pender and New Hanover Counties

"When I moved to Wilmington, Karl and Kathleen could not have been more welcoming.  Karl, with his great humor and hospitality, will be sorely missed.  One of Karl's Commentaries last year featured the son of a Raycom executive, killed in Iraq; it was so poignant, I wept.  I simply cannot believe that I now weep over the sudden and tragic loss of Karl - for Kathleen, his family, colleagues, and the entire caring Wilmington community.  I am so lucky and proud to have known him."-Jodie Bowman

"I am shocked and saddened by the loss of this good man.  My thought and prayers are with the WECT staff and his family." -Lisa Tuft, Traffic Manager Program Coordinator, KOLD TV

"Needless to say we are going to miss Karl but why don't we pay him the ultimate tribute by starting an anti-smoking campaign in public buildings (restaurants) and on beach's in N.C., and not let up till we get it accomplished. This would have to be one of the most fitting things we could do for him to keep his memory alive. "- anonymous

"Please know that I've been thinking of you and the station in general since hearing the news of Karl's death.  What a gentle and thoughtful man he seemed to have been - it must be quite a loss for the station.  I hope his wife is holding up under the suddenness of it all.  I didn't really know Karl personally (I had met him) but, as a viewer, I noticed effective changes on his watch that reached into the community pretty deeply.  My condolences to all - he will be missed." - Barbara Kahn - NH County Smart Start FCC Manager

"I wanted to write to express my sincere sympathy in the loss of  Mr Davis. I was so very sorry to hear about this. It shocked me when I heard, I always enjoyed his commentaries on Carolina in the Morning. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to the Davis Family and to the Staff and Employees of WECT." -Keith Underwood

"Dear Davis Family, Your loved one was a part of my life through television.  My husband and I appreciated the family atmosphere that came through on WECT, an atmosphere his leadership promoted. We send our prayers to you in this time of sorrow." -Joan and Joe Leotta

"To the family of Mr. Davis and the WECT family, I would like to send my condolences. It was truly a shock to hear of his passing. I still can't beleive it. I loved listening to him on the news with Consider This. He always told it like it was. He will be missed."-Carolyn S. Whiteville, N.C.

"My sympathy goes out to you Katheleen, Karl's immediate Family and all the WECT Family.  The Italy Trip was the first time I had met Karl.  He was such a Super person and it makes me so sad to know that he is gone. My thoughts and prayers are with you."-Claudette Brown, D & E Dodge 

"Hello my name is Tyaun. I just want to say sorry about all of yall's terriable lost. I was so shocked but see God never makes any mistakes and see he will always be with yall and let yall know that Karl is in a better place like he would say, don't you worry about me, I am okay I'm with the Lord so just stay comfort and I will continue me and my family will keep on praying for all of you. God bless."

"I want to express my sincere condolences on the tragic death of Karl Davis.  He was an outstanding leader for our community, a voice for progress in Wilmington.  He was also a very pleasant man.  Whenever I saw him at events around town he had a smile on his face.  He came into our homes through his commentaries which were always insightful. He will be sorely missed in our community." -Earl Sheridan, Wilmington City Council 

"I was deeply saddened to learn about the tragic death of Karl Davis; he was a true asset to the WECT news room.  The entire Davis family is in my heart, thoughts, and prayers during this extremely difficult time." -Donna Lion

"What an incredible shock. The Wilmington community has lost a kind, gracious representative.  Karl was always professional but had the rare ability to not take himself too seriously.  I will miss him a great deal." -Mark Hall, Scene First Student Film Festival

"I know this has been a hard week for all of you at WECT and you have my sincere sympathy. When Ken Murphy passed away we lost a great communicator /commentator, and with the passing of Karl Davis, we have felt another deep void. This man had the ability to delve deep into the conscience of the community and make us all aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our community. Please know that there are many in the area who feel a deep sadness, as Karl had quickly become a member of our families." -Nancy Hanks Burnett

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