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Foot Detox

WILMINGTON -- A new spa treatment is proving popular if you can stomach the results.

A day at the spa is supposed to be beautifying but this new treatment is downright ugly.

The foot detox tub at Prima Day Spa is simple, you put your feet in and a little black box puts out an ionic charge that sucks the toxins out from the feet.

Just minutes after your feet are put into the tub you can see the water turn an orange color as the toxins are released through the more than 2,000 sweat glands in the feet.

Apparently the foot has been called the map to the body and it a great way to clean out your body.

Spa employees say the foot water is dark with lead, aluminum, toxins from stress, the air, food, you name it and it may be in there.

Customers are usually grossed out by what they're bodies were storing but glad to know that their tub of toxins is going down the drain.

Reported by Kim Gebbia

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