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Woman's Grandfather Buried in Mass Grave

COLUMBUS COUNTY -- After years of wondering, Bonnie Hinson found out that her grandfather was buried in a mass grave.

More than 100 people were buried in the three mass graves next to Legion Stadium in Whiteville.  There were rumors that a prisoner of war was buried there, as well as a child.

There were no markers nor headstones.  The names and dates of death of all those buried there were a mystery.

Hinson found the graves while searching for her grandfather's burial site.

"I started searching and I prayed and asked the lord to guide me where I needed to go," said Hinson.  "I guess that's how I wound up here."

Hinson's grandfather was originally buried in a cemetery property.  But the property was later sold so that a factory could be built.

Hinson asked Columbus County Commissioners to make a memorial at the site, so she and others could remember their loved ones.

"For any county that has a cemetery, it should not be left like this," said Hinson.  "It should be maintained.  If it's nothing but grass on it, then mow it.  The graves should be marked."

"Don't do to the families like mine, because it hurts," Hinson sighed.

Hinson says she will continue pushing for the memorial because a marker at her grandfather's grave will give her a sense of closure.

The Columbus County attorney said the county knew about the situation and would look into it.

Reported by Sarah Warlick

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