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Trash talk: Concerned citizens fight back against landfill

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A room full of concerned citizens met in Supply Monday night to tell county leaders they don't want a landfill expansion in their backyards.

Many were concerned about water quality, especially since most of them live off well water.

"I just think we have our share," said Lewis Dozier, a concerned resident. "We live 100% off wells."

Other concerns were noise and pollution.

"My mama is probably within 100 feet across the road from it," said Brenda Hewett. "I don't want to see her property disturbed with vehicles running in and out of there. I just don't want her to go through that."

The community meeting was called after citizens showed opposition during a public hearing with commissioners. County leaders say the landfill expansion would only be for construction and demolition debris. They say the county's current construction and demolition landfill is nearly at capacity.

"Brunswick County, a couple of years ago, was booming with construction," said Stephanie Lewis, Director of Solid Waste. "If we don't have an option, a landfill, that means we will be contracting to haul it to another landfill which is always more expensive."

Lewis also said county commissioners are still on the fence about the issue and that a decision has not been made, despite some residents' concerns.

People who live near the proposed site say that part of the county already houses the water treatment plant and the dog pound. They'd like to see other parts of the county take on some responsibilities. 

Input from Monday's meeting will now go before commissioners. Even if commissioners approve an expansion, the state could veto it.

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