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UNCW Professor teaches what he calls "Black English"

UNCW Professor teaches what he calls "Black English"

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) -  Phat, whip, hood, home boy--these are not words you would expect to see in a lesson plan, but they're a part of the curriculum in one of UNCW's courses.

Professor Maurice Martinez  teaches a lesson in what he calls. "Black English." It's a topic that's getting national attention. Martinez wants other teachers to learn it too.

"My job in this course is to get rid of ignorance and unawareness," said Martinez. "There are rules in Black English, and there are rules in standard English."

Some people on campus do not agree with Martinez. Mike Adams is a Criminology Professor at UNCW. Adams writes in his blog:

After sending their kids to study education at UNC-Wilmington, many parents may decide they want their tuition money back. Thankfully, Maurice teaches 18 ways to say "money" in Black English. I recommend that parents, Black or White, call UNC-Wilmington and say, "I want my chump back, 'cause Professor Martinez is whack!"

Professor Martinez says what's "whack" is when different ethnicities, words and phrases in the classroom get lost in translation.

"I want them to know when they hear something not to cringe and dismiss it and mark the kid down as failure," said Martinez. "It is not failure, it is his language."

Professor Martinez says there is no substitution for standard English, especially in the work place.

He says he just wants children to be able to hold on to the way they talk at home in their neighborhoods.

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