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Welcome to Atlantic Dermatology Associates, P.A. Wilmington, N.C.

Atlantic Dermatology Associates, P.A. prides itself on being one of the top and most advanced Dermatology offices in the nation. Our office is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. We specialize in Cosmetic, Laser, Medical, and Surgical Dermatology. Since our establishment in 1994, our goal has been to provide top quality skin health care and to be the gold standard for Eastern North Carolina. Our patient satisfaction surveys speak for themselves with 98% of patients willing to recommend our practice to a friend!

Where the art of beauty and the science of medicine combine to enhance your appearance, strengthen your well being, and improve your self image. Look as young as you feel!

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Chemical Peels
Salicylic and Glycolic acid peels are performed to minimize sun damage. Chemical peels help with skin rejuvenation, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring. Often times people use chemical peels along with microderm abrasion to not only help with sun damage and acne, but to also even out skin tone. This treatment normally takes about 30 minutes.

Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal uses a specific laser that removes the colored pigment from the skin. Usually, tattoo removal is completed in 6 to 8 treatments each of which are about 6 to 8 weeks apart. However, depending on the color and the type of ink used, more treatments may be needed. The actual treatment itself is 1 minute with the laser.

Many patients complain about wrinkled, sagging skin or bags under the eyes. This is a non-invasive technique, which involves an electric cautery, to tighten the skin under the eyes. This treatment is usually performed every two weeks for a total of 8 to 10 treatments. The actual treatment itself is only 1 minute.

Facials - We have a variety of facials to to choose from:

Beginners Facial- is 60 minutes and includes 2 cleansing treatments, facial massage, mask with therapeutic steam and/or warm towels, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Customized Facial #1 with Chemical Peel- is 1 hour and 15 minutes and includes 2 cleansing treatments, chemical peel, mask with therapeutic steam and/or warm towels, moisturizer and sunscreen. The chemical peel will be chosen by our providers to make sure you are getting what is most beneficial for you skin type. Chemical peels help with acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

Customized Facial #2 with Microderm- is 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes 2 cleansing treatments, microderm, therapeutic steam and/or warm towels, cooling or hydrating mask, moisturizer and sunscreen. Microderms will leave the skin softer, smoother, healthier and looking more youthful.

Mini Facial- is 30 minutes and includes 1 cleansing treatment, exfoliation, moisturizer and sunscreen. This facial is for those of you who are always on the go but need a few minutes of skin rejuenation.

Back Facial with Comedone Extraction- is 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is a deep cleansing facial on your back that leaves your back smooth and clear. This contains cleansing, comedon extraction, massage, deep penetrating mask and therapeutic steam moisturizer.

We offer waxing for the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, and many other areas as well.

Skin Care Products
We offer Clinician's Complex (formerly Physician's Complex), Neostrata, and Obagi product lines. They are all designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration and pigmentation, acne, and overall skin appearance and tone.

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