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Atlantic Metal Roofing - FACTS

Q. How long will metal roofs last?

A. With today’s technology, metal roofs can last a lifetime. Atlantic metal Roofing offers various types of metal roofing systems with warrantys ranging from 30 to 50 years. (Note: there is NO such thing as a LIFETIME WARRANTY in any Verticle panel metal roofing system.)

Q. How do metal roofs hold up in high winds?

A. Due to the way metal roofing panels are constructed and installed, they have an extremely high resistance to wind damage. All of our metal roofing systems meet the toughest codes including Miami-Dade County and Florida building code approvals; there are no shingles on the market today that meet these codes.

Q. Will a metal roof really save me money on energy cost?

A. Yes, by installing our galvalume metal roofing system with Energy Star certified high reflective paints that reflect up to 70% of the suns radiant heat rays, you can save 30% to 40% on energy cost. In turn making metal roofing one of the only roofing systems that pays for itself over time. Even Uncle Sam gives you a tax deduction for installing one of our Energy Star rated roofs. (Energy policy act of 2005.)

Q. How many colors are available?

A. We have 19 different colors for our Multi-Rib panels which include (Light Stone, Ivory, White, Arctic White, Cocoa Brown, Pearl Gray, Charcoal Gray, Sahara Tan, Patriot Red, Terracotta Red, Black, Clay, Burnished Slate, Evergreen, Marine Green, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Gallery Blue, and Copper.) We also have 30 colors available for are standing seam products which include (Silver, Cape Blue, Slate Blue, Pacific Blue, Aged Copper, Seaport, Teal Green, Classic Green, Hartford Green, Snowdrift White, Bone White, Stone White, Almond, Sierra Tan, Champagne, Copper Penny, Roman Bronze, Mansard Brown, Dark Bronze, Slate Grey, Musket Grey, Sage, Charcoal Grey, Matte Black, Terracotta, Red Clay, Banner Red, Colonial Red, and Cordova.)

Q. Are metal roofs noisy?

A. The only time metal roofs are noisy is when there is no solid plywood decking, and the roof is installed directly over the rafters of a home. In most residential applications of today, metal roofs are installed over solid plywood decking with an underlayment which in turn makes metal roofing no noisier than any other type of roofing materials.

Q. Can metal roofs be installed directly on top of asphalt shingles?

A. In most cases metal roofs can be installed over asphalt shingles, with the proper underlayment installed. This saves you money on labor cost, dump fees, and stripping of your old roof. The only time you shouldn’t install metal roofing directly over shingles is when there are 3 or more layers of shingles or the condition of the structure is unsuitable. (Sagging trusses, rotting plywood etc.)

Q. Are there finance options available?

A. We offer a large array of local and national lending options, that will fit anyone’s budget. No money down, low monthly payments, low bank rate.

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