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A Wilmington care group leaves footprints in the sand

WILMINGTON -- This is a special week for young adults involved with the Coastal Aids Resource Effort, a ministry group affiliated with Saint Mary Church.

Some members of the group live only a few miles away from the beach, but don't get to play in the waves.

"I stay over at Kerr and Martin Luther King, but I don't get to go in the water often," said Charles Greene.

The ministry group consists of people dealing with different medical challenges.  The Indo Jax Surf School and Kowabunga Surf Lessons are giving them a free week at the beach.

After being schooled on the basics, the group was ready to head into the water.

For Lakeisha Dowd, it was her first dip ever.

"Just hold your breath when the waves come," said Lakeisha.

Being on a surfboard could be fun for anyone.  For the care group this is extra special, because they're participating, instead of spectating.

With each wave and hop onto the board, the surf campers gained confidence.

"I want to do some tricks, but I'll have to get the basics down," said Greene.

Beyond the lessons of how to surf, the group now has the basics of a great story they can share.

The camp runs until Friday, and the surf school will be running throughout the summer for charity and paid lessons.


Reported by Joe Keiley

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