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How to view digital TV

By Dan Ullmer - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Now that Wilmington is in all digital, channel are in the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band.

Something happens when you select a DTV (HD) channel that may not be obvious.

Because our DTV (HD) signal is digital, we can tell the TV or converter box to display a different channel number then the actual frequency channel. 

For example, WECT broadcasts on UHF frequency channel 44, but we tell your TV and converter box to display 6.1 so it is easy to associate our digital channel to our old analog channel. 

We also broadcast a 24 hour weather channel called NBC Weather Plus with regular local weather reports with channel number 6.2. 

You must first receive a good signal from the station before the digital channel number will appear on the receiver.  Most remotes have a key with a dash mark.  Use dash for the dot to select 6.1, for example, by pressing 6-1 and enter.

Major Analog and DTV (digital television) channels in Wilmington, NC

Call letters       Affiliation       analog channel#          DTV Main                   Actual DTV UHF

                        (Network)                                           Channel #                           Channel   

WECT             NBC                            6                                  6.1                               44       

WSFX             FOX                            26                                26.1                             30

WWAY           ABC                            3                                  3.1                               46

WUNJ             PBS                             39                                39.1                             29

WILM             CBS                            10                                10.1                             40

From viewer calls, we know that often some stations do not come in on the first attempt. 

This means that your antenna needs to be tuned or you may need a better antenna. 

Also, WECT currently has a weaker signal but we have plans to increase the power in a few months.  Refer to your sets operating instructions for specifics, but two general methods you can use can be found here.

Success in receiving over-the-air signals is very dependent on your location and the antenna you use.  

If your home has a metal roof, siding, or brick you may experience much weaker television signals in your home unless the antenna can be placed near an outside wall or window facing the stations transmitting tower or outside.  

In general, the farther away you are from the television station's broadcasting antenna, the higher gain, larger, and more expensive antenna you will need. 

The higher the gain, the more directional the antenna will be and the more critical aiming it at the television station's tower becomes. 

All DTV (HD) television broadcasts in the Wilmington, NC area are UHF (ultra high frequency) so you should not expect good reception with rabbit ears or your old attic/rooftop antenna if it is designed only for the old VHF (very high frequency) analog stations and the antenna may also be pointing in the wrong direction at the old analog tower sites. 

A good feature of UHF antennas is they are smaller then VHF antennas.  UHF is also more immune to electrical interference. This is an advantage near the coast due to our salt spray and resulting electrical arcing of power line insulators. 

In addition, DTV broadcast, because it is data, will never show interference on the screen or in the audio.  If interference should exist, and it is severe enough, there will be no picture or sound.

If you still have questions, maybe Dan can answer them in his Revised Guide to Digital TV Viewing.

If you have issues seeing WECT and WSFX you can call 910-791-8070, ext. 212.

All other problems, please call 1-877-DTV-0908 (toll free).

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