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Gas Prices and Myrtle Beach's Bike Week

MYRTLE BEACH -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared the month of May: "Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month."

And the emphasis on safety couldn't come at a better time.  One of the biggest motorcycle events of the year is underway in Myrtle Beach.

Motorcyclists from across the country are flocking to Myrtle Beach's 68th Annual Bike Rally, but this year fewer are making the trip because of high gas prices.

Dan Smith operates "Robo Cap Road Rag," a kiosk. While he has lugged his merchandise up from Florida in the past, this year he almost stayed home because of high gas prices.

"Fuel prices are hitting us small guys hard. After hotel costs and fuel costs there's little room for the small items," said Smith.

Despite the price of gas, thousands of bikers were still drawn by the fast company in Myrtle Beach. 

With a week left in the first of two major rallies on the Grand Strand, the riders said they're intent on having a good time, even if every time they jump on the bike it costs them more than it ever has before.

The first bike week in Myrtle Beach will continue through Sunday, May 18.


Reported by Carmin Black

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