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New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Reaches Settlement with Shooting Victim’s Family

Peyton Strickland's family has reached a settlement with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office.

The teenager died after a sheriff's deputy mistakenly opened fire during a raid on his home in December of 2006.

To settle the civil case, the estate of Peyton Strickland will receive $2.45 million dollars, which will be paid by new hanover county's insurer. The county is responsible for paying a 25,000 dollar deductible.

New Hanover County sheriff Sid Causey also agreed to have a consultant review the policies and procedures of his department's emergency response team, the team that conducted the raid on strickland's home when the shooting happened.

In their written statement Don and Kathy Strickland said better E-R-T policies would have prevented their son's death, and they are gratified for the review.

They also appreciated the sheriff's public comment regarding the actions of his officer and their son.

"Corporal long fired because he percieved a threat," Causey said in his statement. "In hindsight, we know that was a mistaken belief on his part. Peyton strickland was not armed."

Sheriff Causey also read his personal apology to the Strickland family.

"it is my hope that the Strickland family will accept this apology, and know that it is offered with compassion and sincerity," he said.

Below is the Strickland family's response to Sheriff Causey's statement.

"we accept the sincere apology of Sheriff Sid Causey.   We also appreciate sheriff causey's public acknowledgment that peyton was unarmed and posed no threat as he answered his front door.    

We believe Peyton's death would have been prevented if the sheriff's department had better emergency response team policies and procedures.  We are therefore gratified that sheriff causey has agreed to have his department's ert policies and procedures evaluated and that he is committed to identifying and implementing changes that may help save lives.   It is also our hope that other law enforcement agencies around the state will learn from this tragedy.

We look forward to creating the peyton brooks strickland foundation.   By its work, the foundation will reflect peyton's generosity of spirit and compassion in its charitable work in New Hanover County and elsewhere.    

Peyton is gone.   Nothing can bring him back.   We are, however, thankful for the new hanover county sheriff department's efforts to right its wrong and in doing so to help us ensure Peyton's legacy."

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