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Does the Mitchell Report Affect Baseball Card Value?

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WILMINGTON -- The Mitchell Report released Thursday announced that some big names in Major League Baseball have taken steroids sometime in their career.

On Friday, WECT went to J & C Sportscards on South Kerr Avenue to find out if memorabilia of those players would decrease in value.

Barry Bonds, Miguel Tejada and Roger Clemens were some of the biggest names on the list.

Jim Smith, the owner of the sports card store says that some of Barry Bonds' memorabilia has decreased in value, and some rookie cards of other players listed in the Mitchell Report may go down in price as well.

However, Smith notes that at times like this, some collectors are dying to get their hands on some memorabilia.

"Sometimes stuff like this actually caught, makes the stuff sell better. A good example will be O.J. Simpson. For about two months there, you could sell anything you could get your hands on with O.J. Simpson, and then that went away. People get caught up in a hype," explained Smith.

Smith says that a lot of his profit comes from the merchandise of the young, talented ball players, and he's not concerned about losing money on Bonds and Clemens memorabilia.

Reported by Max Winitz

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