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NBC TV Series Causing Controversy

JANUARY 4, 2006 -- With a pill-popping priest, a drug-dealing daughter and a homosexual son, the American Family Association says NBC's new series "The Book of Daniel" is giving the Christian faith a bad name. That's why the organization sent out a letter to churches asking them to speak out, and they are.

Wilmington Pastor Gary Westra has some concerns about the show, so we invited him to screen it at our station. He says it's dysfunction junction.

"Every person seems to be so fatally flawed. It's almost laughable. It will leave some people sad and others offended," says Pastor Westra.

Wilmington Rabbi George Holland also watched an episode of the show. He says it's not all bad.

"At least it does show a positive side. Jesus relates to us and calms us down," says Rabbi Holland.

WECT General Manager Karl Davis has already heard plenty from people who haven't even seen the show. He says he's received 100 emails and 60 phone calls. He says the station won't censor the show.

"I've talked with a lot of other general managers, many with deep religious views, and think the show is not as offensive as it's being portrayed," says Davis.

Love it or hate it, "The Book of Daniel" will only last as long as people watch it. The first test of that comes Friday night.

Reported by Sarah Warlick

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