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Former Owner of WECT and Well Respected Man Passes Away

JULY 03, 2005 -- One of the most prominent business and civic leaders in Wilmington died on Saturday night. 

Dan Cameron passed away at the age of 83 after his long battle with Melanoma.

News Six's Frances Weller knew Mr. Cameron both personally and professionally for her entire television career. Mr. Cameron and his brother Bruce owned WECT for over 30 years. "It was Mr. Cameron who hired me 23 years ago," said Frances Weller.

In Wilmington, the name Dan Cameron was far more prestigious than that of any world leader.

As the former owner of WECT, a former mayor, and a lifetime business leader, Cameron was as prominent as prominent gets. 

To his employees, he was a man with a passion. His passion helped make WECT was it is today.

After he sold the station, Dan Cameron never got the love for WECT out of his blood.

He had other businesses, but the television business was his favorite.

Even after all of his accomplishments, his family meant the most to him.

Dan Cameron passed away quietly Saturday night with his family by his side after a battle with Melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.

Doctors told the family three weeks ago the end was near. They were making preparations. 

His wife Betty will miss him dearly. They were married 59 years.

Funeral services for Mr. Cameron will be held Wednesday at 10:30 at First Presbyterian Church.

There will be a family visitation Tuesday night at 6:30 at Andrews Mortuary on Market Street.

It is ironic that Mr. Cameron passed away on his favorite holiday weekend. He died Saturday night around 9:30.

His family said a prayer and then heard the fireworks start from Legion Stadium.

This is fitting for a man who deserved that kind of send off.

Reported by Frances Weller

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