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One Man Dead, Another Arrested After Attempted Robbery

Police outside business Police outside business
Brian Dalton Rivenbark Brian Dalton Rivenbark
Dewayne White Dewayne White

JUNE 23, 2005 --Police say Brian Dalton Rivenbark is dead after trying to hold up Jerry's Furniture Refinishing on Cinema Drive. Now his accomplice, Dewayne White, is arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery.

Police say Rivenbark and White walked into the store and pulled out a hand gun. The store clerk, Joseph Daggs, III had his own gun. Lt. Marshall Williamson says the men got in a struggle, but Daggs broke free.

"Daggs released himself from the individuals and reached for his personal gun and fired one shot."

That shot killed Rivenbark, but police say it was self-defense.

What's behind the dark windows at Jerry's Furniture Refinishing has nothing to do with refinishing. Their business is video poker. Other employees at the strip mall on Cinema Drive had no idea this was going on.

"I had no idea there was even a business back there," says Wendy Spaziani.

Williamson says Jerry's was playing by the rules.  We tried to contact the owner of Jerry's Furniture, but no one answered. For now Jerry's remains open, as well as the case.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

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