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Alcohol involved in fatal shooting

Police aren't saying much publicly about the details surrounding Coast Guard Petty Officer Brian Colletti's death. But they are saying the accused killer, James Moore, and Colletti had been drinking before the crime.

A week ago News 6 reported crime statistics that showed the downtown area to be one of the most violent in the city. Now, in the wake of that report and this incident, authorities are asking bar owners to do what they can to prevent violence.

"Alcohol combined with big groups can be a recipe for problems," says Wilmington Police Department spokesperson Linda Rawley. "I believe you can never be too safe and business can do more to protect patrons."

Christen Cadwallader owns the Copper Penny Restaurant and Bar, she too wants fellow business owners to take action.

"It behooves all of us to crackdown on this," she says. "We serve alcohol, so we owe it to the community to take some accountability."

But, Cadwallader acknowledges, it's sometimes out of their control.

"We don't know what people do before they come in here. We can't take all of the responsibility," Cadwallader says.

Bottom line, officials and bar owners say, customers need to drink responsibly. That's a request that Rawley says will curb violence downtown.

Reported By Nicole Konkal

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