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Family planning rallies in Columbus County to push for justice


The family of a teen from Charlotte who was killed in Columbus County is continuing their push for justice.

According to John Barnett, a civil rights activist and spokesman for Jasmine Thar's family, on Wednesday family and friends of Jasmine will be holding a meeting at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte to plan future rallies in Columbus County.

Barnett says they are questioning District Attorney Jon David's professionalism and the way he's handling the case. He says Thar's family has mixed feelings about a recent meeting with David. He tells us they want James Blackwell temporarily arrested until the investigation is over.

Barnett says they plan to start having rallies in Chadbourn and in Whiteville within weeks.

Thar, 16, died from a bullet wound after being shot in a family member's yard in December 2011. She was getting ready for a shopping trip to Myrtle Beach. Two others were injured by the same bullet.

James Blackwell who was in the house across the street admits he accidentally fired the gun when he was trying to clean it. He has not been charged.

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