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Ticket agent took bribe to put package on plane at Charlotte airport, TSA says

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Less than a week after an incident authorities called  a "major" security breach at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in November, a second breach occurred, security documents allege.

Boston CBS affiliate WBZ-TV has obtained the internal TSA document that says a JetBlue ticket agent at the Charlotte airport accepted a bribe to violate security procedures.

According to WBZ, the document said an undercover TSA agent walked up to the JetBlue counter November 19 and told the ticket agent there was a package he had to get to Boston that day. 

The undercover agent, the document said, slipped the ticket agent $100 bill, and the ticket agent took the package, believing he was sending it to a plane bound for Boston.

However, TSA agents tracked the package and obtained it before it got to a plane.

TSA rules state ticket agents are not allowed to accept packages or luggage from customers who are not flying passengers.

Jet Blue released a statement saying the employee was fired, and the airline is cooperating with the TSA investigation.

TSA officials would not comment on the incident itself, but said any package or luggage taken at an airline counter would be screened for explosives.  The agency said agents routinely conduct undercover operations to check for security violations.

WBZ said the breach happened four days after police believe North Mecklenburg High School student Delvonte Tisdale, 16,  breached security at Charlotte-Douglas by sneaking into the wheel well of a plane headed to Boston.

Tisdale fell from the wheel well when it opened near Boston. His mutilated body was discovered in a Boston suburb.

The Tisdale incident is currently being investigated by a task force.

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