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Thyroid collar can protect against radiation

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – A 17-year-old student from Laney High School was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May.  After her diagnosis, Sarah Sullivan wanted to find out more about the disease that's not supposed to disrupt teenager years and learned some interesting things.

Sullivan decided to base her senior project around her illness.  During research, she found a study from Kuwait that says patients increase their chances of getting thyroid cancer when a collared apron is not used during x-rays at the dentist office.  Without the collar, radioactive waves can intrude the gland.

After her discovery, Sullivan went to her dentist and started asking questions.  Dr. Jamie Sallings' office uses the thyroid aprons, so she was convinced it didn't come from the dentist. 

Sullivan believes her cancer came from radiation because she's had a lot of x-rays over the years.  She thinks a thyroid collar would have prevented her illness.  Doctors agree saying all patients should ask for the special collar when receiving any radiation.

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